Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday's Comics and More!! (9-22-10)

5 Days to Die #4 (OF 5)
Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography SC – S/O #151
Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #3 (OF 5)
Avengers #5
Avengers #5 SHS Variant – S/O #19
Avengers Academy #4
Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #16
Batman: Odyssey #2 (OF 13) – S/O YP
Batman: Streets of Gotham #16
Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #20
Black Widow #6
Captain America: Reborn TP
D&D Miniatures: Lords of Madness Huge Pack
Dark Tower: Gunslinger Journey Begins #5 (OF 5)
Darkwing Duck #4
DC Heroclix Classics: Batman vs the Joker - S/O #16
DC Heroclix Classics: Batman vs Two-Face - S/O #16
Deadpool Team-Up #889
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #15 (OF 24)
Dracula: Company of Monsters #2
Dwarven Dice Bag
Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father #4 (OF 5)
Elephantmen #27
Fables #98
Fantastic Four #583 THREE

Finding Nemo: Losing Dory #3
Flash #5
Fringe: Tales from the Fringe #4 (OF 6)
GI Combat #1
GI Joe Origins #19
GI Joe Origins #19 10 Copy Incentive
Giant Translucent 35mm 7-Piece Dice Set - Green
Green Lantern Corps #52
Green Lanterns: Emerald Warriors #2 – Shortage Replacement
Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #4 (OF 4)
Heroic Age: One Month to Live #2 (OF 5)
Heroic Age: One Month to Live #4 (OF 5)
Hit-Monkey #3 (OF 3)
Hulk #25
Invincible Iron Man #29
Iron Man Noir HC
Jughead #203
Justice League: Generation Lost #10
JLA #49
Legion of Superheroes #5
MGM Drive-In Theatre #3 IT: Terror from Beyond the Stars
Mickey Mouse & Friends #300 Deluxe Edition
Muppet Show #10
Nemesis #3 (OF 4)
Paranoia RPG: Mandatory Mission Pack
Phoenix Without Ashes #2 (OF 4) – Shortage Replacement
Power Girl #16
Secret Avengers #5
Secret Avengers #5 SHS VAR – S/O #19
Shadowland: Daughters of Shadow #2 (OF 3)
Shadowland: Moon Knight #2 (OF 3)
Smurfs vol 1 GN: The Purple Smurf – S/O #151
Smurfs vol 2 GN: The Magic Flute – S/O #151
Spider-Man #6
Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #3 (OF 4)
Spike: The Devil You Know #4
Spirit #6
Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge #4
Supergirl #56
Superman/Batman #76
Telara Chronicles #1 (OF 4)
Thor #615
Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries – S/O #3
Titans #27
Tracker #5 (OF 5)
Transformers: Drift #2 (OF 4)
Ultimate Comics: Mystery #3 (OF 4)
Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #14
Uncanny X-Men #528
Unlikely Trio: Last Barn on the Left 1-Shot
Walking Dead #77
Witchblade #138
X-Campus #4 (OF 4)
Zatanna #4 – S/O YP
Zatanna #5 – S/O YP

Fables #98 – This is a game changing issue of Fables, as it leads into the landmark 100th issue! If you think that Rose Red is truly ready to suit up, grab a deadly weapon and save the day, you may be in for a rude awakening. Or you may be absolutely right. Regardless, heads will roll, blood will spill and Snow White and Rose Red, the loveliest sisters in all the lands, will be forever changed after 'Rose Red' part 5 of 5.

Fantastic Four #583 THREE – Now joined by artist Steve Epting (CAPTAIN AMERICa) , Jonathan Hickman's tenure on FANTASTIC FOUR hits critical mass with 'THREE', running through FF #583-588. The War of Four Cities has begun, and when it's run its course, one member of the Fantastic Four will have breathed their last! Change is in the air as the World's Greatest Comic Magazine lives up to its motto! While the Fantastic Four have to deal with an uprising in the Forever City of the High Evolutionary, back home in the Baxter Building Val finds her father's Bridge machine and learns the Cost of Solving Everything. It's the return of Doctor Doom and the debut of superstar artist Steve Epting in THREE, part 1: 'In Lateveria, the Flowers Bloom in Winter.

GI Combat #1 – Jeb Stuart's gotten used to his tank being haunted by the ghost of his Civil War ancestor, General J.E.B. Stuart, but when he and his crew are pinned down by German soldiers in a walled city, what will happen when he must take the helm of a tank haunted by a very different kind of dead man?

Mickey Mouse & Friends #300 – Almost 70 years in the making! Don't miss this blockbuster 300th issue as the seminal fan-favorite series returns with an unforgettable line-up of stories! First, mouse mischief multiplies when a cloning experiment goes wrong in a tale we could only call '300 Mickeys!' Then, experience the classic Floyd Gottfredson tale, 'Dan the Dogcatcher', in its first wide U.S. release since 1932 - and in its original layout! Available in two versions: the Regular version featuring a cover by Disney modern master, Casty; or the Deluxe version, with a special cover surprise by Disney Comics legend, Daan Jippes!

Telara Chronicles #1 (OF 4) – The world of Telara has been shattered and the Ward protecting Telara from the planes has weakened. Now, perilous rifts between Telara and the planes are opening with increasing frequency, unleashing invaders seeking to tear down the Ward once and for all. But there is hope. Asha Catari, imbued with planar magics during her recent resurrection, has been sent to retrieve an ancient techno-magical device that could end the threats from the planes and save Telara.

Unlikely Trio: Last Barn on the Left 1-Shot – A story of three unlikely friends, Lil'Bit the mouse, Mrs. Butters the cat, and Abby the Collie dog that join together to brave the last barn on the left in their small town. The only problem is that a scary monster is said to lurk in the shadows of the barn! Printed in black and white (so kids can be the colorist!) and featuring fun activities in the back of the book, The Unlikely Trio will be sure to entertain even after you're done reading!

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