Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gamers Go on Patrol with Mouse Guard this December!

Fans of David Petersen’s Eisner Award-winning series, and lovers of challenging RPGs should revel in Archaia Entertainment’s Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Boxed Set, a NEW SET containing the original game that captured the 2009 Origins Award for Best RPG and a whole bunch of great add-ons. It’s scheduled to appear at Haven on December 15.

Written by Luke Crane with art by Petersen, the game includes its original rules book, a 32-page supplement with all-new adventure scenarios. Game aids include a Game Master deck of 12 Action Cards; two Player Decks of 12 Action Cards, Condition Cards; Characters Sheets; Game Master sheets; a Game Master screen, Mouse Dice; and a Map of the Mouse Territories.

This excellent collection of materials for the RPG will be available at Haven on December 15, just in time for Christmas! Who doesn't want square books filled with awesomeness for Christmas??!? It has mouse dice! Mouse dice! Now a creature can be stirring, come Christmas Day, and it'll be a mouse, but in the coolest way ever.

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