Friday, November 26, 2010

December Comics!! (12-2-10)

Action Comics Annual #13
Adventure Comics #521
Alan Moore’s Neonomicon: Hornbook Artifact
American Vampire #9
Angel Illyria #1 (OF 4) – S/O #64
Ant-Man and Wasp #2 (OF 3)
Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #2 (OF 4)
Baltimore Plague Ships #5
Batman 80-Page Giant 2010 #1
Batman Confidential #51
Batman: Orphans #1 (OF 2)
Blackest Night: Sinestro Corps - Mongul AF
Boys #49
Brightest Day #15
Bring the Thunder #1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #39
Cable vol 1 HC: Messiah War
Captain America: Patriot #4 (OF 4)
Chaos War: God Squad #1
Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers #1
Daredevil #512 SL
Daredevil: Man Without Fear HC
Daredevil: Yellow HC
DC Comics Presents: Batman Beyond #1
Detective Comics #870 - REORDER
Do Androids Dream: Dust to Dust #7 (OF 8)
Doom Patrol #17
Dracula: Company of Monsters #4 – Shortage Replacement
Ender’s Game HC: Battle School
Fables vol 14 TP: Witches
Fevre Dream #9 (OF 10)
Generation Hope #2
Generation Hope #2 Djurdjevic Variant – S/O #14
Green Hornet Strikes #5
Grimm Fairy Tales #52
Heroes for Hire #1
Hulk: Gray HC
Incorruptible vol 1 TP – S/O #66
Iron Man/Thor #2 (OF 4)
Irredeemable #20
Island Tales #1 Nanaue’s Bite
iZombie #8
JSA All Stars #13
Kull: The Hate Witch #1 (OF 4) – Shortage Replacement
Lady Death #0

Large Cloth Dice Bag Assortment
Marineman #1
New Universal vol 1 HC: Everything Went White
Ozma of Oz #2 (OF 8)
Planetary vol 4 TP: Spacetime Archaeology
Power Girl #18 – Shortage Replacement
Robert E. Howard: Hawks of Outremer TP
Shadowhawk #5
Shadowland #5 (OF 5)
She-Hulks #2 (OF 4)
Spike #1 (OF 8) – S/O #64
Spirit #8 – Shortage Replacement
Star Wars: Blood Ties - Tale of Jango & Boba Fett #4 (OF 4) – Shortage Replacement
Star Wars: Clone Wars vol 6 TP
Star Wars: Old Republic #6 (OF 6)
Strange Science Fantasy #6
Supergod #5 (OF 5)
Taskmaster #4 (OF 4)
Thor: For Asgard #5 (OF 6)
Toy Story: Tales from the Toy Chest #3
Uncanny X-Force #2 - Shortage Replacement
Vertigo Resurrected: Winter’s Edge #1
Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #713
Warriors Three #2 (OF 4)
What If?! Demon in an Iron Mask
Wizard Magazine #233
Wizards of Mickey vol 1 TP: Mouse Magic
Wolverine: Best There Is #1
Women of Marvel #2 (OF 2)

Batman: Orphans #1 (OF 2) – Robin's been found dead! And that's not an easy thing to face - especially when you're Tim Drake! In this pre-RED ROBIN tale, Tim and Batman must solve the murder of an impostor Robin and follow the trail of someone putting together a new team of teenaged sidekicks made up of kids who've been promised that they'll become the new Robin - IF they survive!

Bring the Thunder #1 – Alex Ross Wayne Russell is an elite pararescue jumper in the Air Force serving in Afghanistan. He leads the most rigorously trained troops on the most dangerous missions into enemy territory. During a deadly mission, Wayne's team is ambushed. Mortally wounded, Wayne finds and fires an experimental weapon, but the weapon malfunctions. The result will change Wayne and warfare forever.

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers #1 – It's the return of your favorite furry flatfoots in an all new original ongoing series! Coming on the heels of BOOM!'s bestselling Darkwing Duck ongoing series, BOOM! continues the the Disney Afternoon Revolution with Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers as the diminutive detectives embark on all-new original adventures! This is the series that will have you singing that song you can never forget: 'Sometimes some crimes go slipping through the cracks. But these two Gumshoes are picking up the slack. There's no case too big, no case too small, when you need help just call -Ch-ch-ch-Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers!

Heroes for Hire #1 – In the aftermath of Shadowland, Marvel's greatest street heroes - Punisher, Moon Knight, Shroud, Elektra, Paladin, Silver Sable, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Falcon, Misty Knight and more - leap into one all-new series! Who has brought these dangerous loners into one fighting force? How is this network different from all other teams? Who is their first target, and what mysteries wait for them? Discover the answers and enter the action on Marvel's mean streets.

Lady Death #0 – Lady Death is back in an all-new, on-going monthly series! The most popular femme fatale in comics returns with a vicious new tale that delivers for both new and old readers! Lady Death is no more, stripped of her supernatural abilities, memories and soul, banished from the Nether Realm and left for dead, utterly defeated and powerless. In her place, Hope's greatest foe has stolen her kingdom, her legacy and even her face, transforming the Realm into a nightmare world and rules it with an unparalleled, sadistic pleasure. But this is only the beginning! The most sprawling epic in Lady Death's history begins as Illadra, a simple thief in Medieval Spain, learns that her unnatural skills are tied to another life she has glimpsed in her darkest nightmares, one where she is Lady Death. Her world is about to be turned upside down when a demonic emissary and a battalion of zombie warriors thrusts her down a bloody path of self-discovery, and a quest to recover the true self that was ripped from her by the villainous Death Queen!

Marineman #1 – 'INTRODUCING: MARINEMAN!' Hulk, Supergirl and Uncanny X-Men superstar artist IAN CHURCHILL brings his all-new creator-owned series to Image Comics! Steve Ocean is MARINEMAN! A marine biologist and TV presenter; a man blessed with good looks, a good job, a good circle of friends and a life many would aspire to. But Steve Ocean also has a secret-a secret, which, if revealed, could throw his whole life into disarray! With underwater action and adventure all the way, MARINEMAN may just turn out to be the comic book you didn't know you were missing!

Wolverine: Best There Is #1 – 'Contagion, Part One: Impulsion & Whim,' PART 1 OF 6 When Wolverine faces a problem of the villainous kind there's a good chance that he'll use his Adamantium claws to whip up a lethal solution to it. What happens, though, when he faces an opponent who becomes a much bigger problem if he's killed? Enter: Contagion, a bold new addition to Wolverine's rogue's gallery. But first, Logan must contend with Contagion's defenders, the aptly named crew known as the Unkillables.

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