Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fear Itself...

On Tuesday, December 21, New York City’s Midtown Comics played host to a Marvel Comics press conference, during which Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief & Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada and Vice President Executive Editors Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso announced the House of Ideas’ 2011 comic book event – Fear Itself.

Written by Matt Fraction and featuring the talents of artists Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger and Laura Martin, Fear Itself will be a seven-issue limited series beginning in April in which many of Marvel’s heroes will stand against the a villain that thrives on the fear of others, and eight of the most worthy men and women on the planet to oppose him will emerge. During the conference, it was promised that this event would reflect the state of the real world and would thus be just as ambitious as Civil War, if not more so.

“Marvel comics have always used the real world as the canvas on which we write and draw our stories, and on which our characters live,” said Quesada. “From World War II to Apollo 11 to September 11th, the events that have shaped our world have shaped the Marvel Universe. Truth of the matter is, the [time when] Marvel Comics has always excelled – actually, when we’re at our best – is when we’ve taken stock of the world we live in and the era which we’re a part of.”

"There is a secret, a concealed act that happened at the heart of the Marvel Universe years ago, that once revealed will change everything," Brevoort said during the press conference. "We've been setting up dominoes covertly for a while now – some that have been recognized by fans and some that have remained covert.”

Like Civil War and Secret Invasion, the Fear Itself series will present a complete story for those readers that want to only pick up this core title. However, as a universe-encompassing event, this story will also affect a majority of the characters in the Marvel Universe, thus tie-in stories will play out through ongoing series as well as in new mini-series launched in coordination with Fear Itself.

"I've waited a really long time to be able to talk about this,” Fraction commented. “The story should be relatable to where we are today. Like the best of our Marvel stuff, it speaks to the world we live in."

In March, Marvel will release a Fear Itself: Prologue from writer Ed Brubaker and artist Scot Eaton, a World War II-era story starring Captain America and the Invaders that sets the stage for this event’s start.

“Thor. Captain America. Iron Man. The Avengers. Truthfully, has there ever been a time when we’ve need our heroes more?” posed Quesada. “And what about us? What about the Avengers that live deep inside of each one of us? Are we truly the ones we’ve been waiting for? So come this April, all of this is going to be put to the test. What happens when the world gets to a point where despair is so prevalent and seems norm? Like us, will our heroes stand and fight, or will they give in to what they fear the most?”

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