Thursday, January 27, 2011

Magic: The Gather Prerelease Event!

TODAY, JANUARY 29th @ 4pm!

Magic: The Gathering Prereleases

January 29-30, 2011

Worldwide Fact Sheet
Worldwide Regional Prereleases

  • Play with the cards before you can buy them!

  • Take home an exclusive promo card!

  • Get involved in worldwide, sanctioned events!

  • Meet new players!

  • Play all day, or just for a few hours!

Held six days before each new Magic card set goes on sale, Prereleases provide an excellent way to experience the grandeur of a worldwide event in a low-stress environment. At Prerelease events, you will be able to play with cards from the new set before you can buy them, receive special promotional cards for attending, and have the opportunity to win even more cards by playing. So have fun!

Prereleases are Limited events, meaning you build your 40-card (minimum) deck from the packs that you get after paying your entry fee (Sealed Deck format). Attendees have the option to participate in a Sealed Deck tournament, or the more informal Open Dueling format, both of which provide great opportunities to see and play with the new cards.

Prereleases are sanctioned by the DCI, which is the governing body for all Magic tournaments—from local neighborhood tournaments up to the prestigious Pro Tour events. By becoming a DCI member and playing in a sanctioned event, your results are recorded and you begin building an official rating among the thousands of Magic players worldwide. If you don't have a DCI membership, the on site event staff will be happy to set you up. For many players, prereleases are a fun and easy way to play in their first sanctioned event.

Haven Comics is proud to host this prerelease and is ready for you to come join us in an extravaganza of Magic: the Gathering goodness. Bring your decks, your fanciest deck protectors, your rarest of foil cards! If you've never played before, just bring your game face!

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