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Wednesday's Comics!! (4-27-11)

Action Comics #900
Action Comics #900 Variant A
Action Comics #900 Variant B
Age of X: Universe #2 (OF 2)
Amazing Spider-Man #659
American Vampire #14
Angel #44
Archie #620
Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine: Another Fine Mess TP
Avengers #12
Batman, Inc. #5
Betty & Veronica #253
Brightest Day #24
Captain America #617
Conan: Road of Kings #4 (OF 6)
Danger Girl/Army of Darkness #1
Dark Tower: Gunslinger – Little Sisters Eluria #5 (OF 6)
Deadpool #36
Detective Comics #876
Dr. Solar, Man of the Atom #6
Dr. Who #4
Domino Lady: Sex as a Weapon SC
Doom War TP
Dracula: Company of Monsters #9
Earp: Saints for Sinners #3 (OF 4)
Fear Itself #1 (OF 7) Blank Variant – Shortage Replacement
Fear Itself: Home Front #1 (OF 7)
FF #2
Flash #11
Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #2
Green Arrow #11
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #9
Haunt #11 – Shortage Replacement
Haunt #15
Incorruptible #17
Incredible Hulks #627
Justice League: Generation Lost #24
JSA #50
Kato Origins #8
King Conan: Scarlet Citadel #3
Knights of the Dinner Table #173
Locke and Key: Keys to the Kingdom #6 (OF 6)
Marvel Previews, May 2011
Mighty Thor #1
Morning Glories #9
Namor: First Mutant #9
New Mutants #24
New York Five #4 (OF 4)
Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead #4 (OF 5)
Osborn #5 (OF 5)
Planet of the Apes #1
Power Man and Iron Fist #4 (OF 5)
Preview #272 May 2011
Ruse #2 (OF 4)
Secret Avengers #12
Secret Avengers #12.1
Secret Six #32
Shrek #4 (OF 4)
Spider-Girl #6
Spike #7 (OF 8)
Stan Lee’s Traveler #6
Stand: Captain Trips Premier HC
Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #4 (OF 5)
Star Wars: Legacy #5 (OF 6)
Steampunk Bible HC – S/O #40
Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1 (OF 4)
Thor: Asgard’s Avenger #1
Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood #1

True Blood: Tainted Love #3
Turok, Son of Stone #2
Ultimate Comics: Avengers TP – Crime and Punishment
Uncanny X-Men #534.1
Uncanny X-Men #536
Venom #2
Walking Dead #84
Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #718
Wonder Woman #610
X-23 #9
X-Force Premier HC: Cable and the New Mutants
X-Men #10
X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills TP
Xombi #2

Action Comics #900 – Superman returns to ACTION COMICS just in time for the title's historic 900th issue, which clocks in at 96 pages! Writer Paul Cornell leads off with a 51-page story that concludes the "Black Ring" story and begins the next act of the "Reign of Doomsday" epic. With art by Pete Woods and Jesus Merino, this story welcomes The Man of Steel back to the pages of ACTION, and also features vignettes illustrated by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund, Rags Morales, Ardian Syaf, Jamal Igle and Jon Sibal, Gary Frank and more. The issue also includes bonus short stories by the writer/artist teams of Damon Lindelof and Ryan Sook; Paul Dini, R.B. Silva and Rob Lean; David Goyer and Miguel Sepulveda; and Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Plus, Richard Donner and Derek Hoffman write a story in movie-script form, with storyboard-style art by Matt Camp! And Brian Stelfreeze contributes a two-page spread depicting Superman in an homage to so many of the great artists who have drawn The Man of Steel through the decades.

Danger Girl/Army of Darkness #1 – Abbey Chase, the world's most daring adventuress, returns to action as she aims to recover a dark and mysterious piece of ancient history. When Abbey learns that the elusive Book of the Dead has resurfaced and fallen into nefarious hands, she and the Danger Girls embark on a mission to track down the powerful tome. But when their journey leads them to cross paths with another seeking the book - a man with a personal vendetta and a literal hand in the book's sordid history - they find themselves spiraling through the most outrageous and sure-to-be-talked-about cross-over event of the year!

Mighty Thor #1 – It's a shining, golden, new age for the Thunder God and Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel are back to lead the charge! Thor and Sif dive deep into the heart of the fractured World Tree to reclaim an artifact from beyond time and space, an artifact that attracts the attention of the Silver Surfer. And when a herald such as he arrives on Earth, the arrival of his master is certain to follow. Prepare for the return of the World Eater - prepare for the return of Galactus! Fans can't miss an all new behind the scenes look at the highly anticipated major motion picture with a sneak peek at some of the art!

Planet of the Apes #1 – Get your hands on these damn dirty Apes! Beginning an all-new series that takes place before the original 1968 Planet of the Apes movie in the continuity of the first five films! Ape society has reached a new golden age. But there are ripples of dissent in both the ape and human ranks. Tensions will rise and soon all will be caught in chaos! And amidst all this uncertainty, what is the fate of The Lawgiver?

Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1 (OF 4) – Sometimes good police work just isn't enough, as Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard finds out when he's assigned to the Jack the Ripper case. He'll need the guidance of imprisoned madman and amoral libertine, Dr. Henry Jekyll, whose mind-splitting serum Jack might be using to commit his bloody murders. Written by Cole Haddon and illustrated by M.S. Corley, part 1 of Hyde sets in motion events that will pit London's two greatest monsters against one another. Will Adye-and his soul-survive intact? This is thrilling Victorian horror written by exciting newcomer Cole Haddon, weaving together the Jack the Ripper legend with the elements of the classic tale of Jekyll and Hyde.

Thor: Asgard’s Avenger #1 – Verily! The ideal companion for the THOR motion picture! Begin quenching thy curiosity of all things Asgardian with this assemblage of all-new Thor-related profiles in the time-honored OHOTMU manner! Learn of foul rogues such as Malekith, Mangog and the fiery Surtur; lovely visions like Jane Foster, Kelda and Karnilla; mystical items including the Norn Stones and the Oversword; and, of course, heroes worthy of song: the new Thunderstrike, Vidar, Volstagg and an update on the noble Thor himself! Plus: the Nine Worlds of Asgard, an Appendix of its citizenry and more! Featuring new art by Gus Vazquez! Truly, a tome worthy of the gods! Miss it not!

Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood #1 – Long ago, the seeds of a vampire cataclysm were planted in the Marvel Universe. One lone vampire rose above the rest and operated in the shadows as the world around him changed. Prepare for a clash of steel, blood, and the undead in Throne of Blood, as Marvel changes the way you see vampires...and shows you the meaning of Fear Itself.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday's Comics!! (4-20-11)

Abattoir #4 (OF 6)
Archie and Friends #154
Avengers #12
Avengers Academy #12
Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth #2 (OF 3) – Shortage Replacement
Batman #709
Captain America: Red, White, and Blue TP
Captain America vs Red Skull TP
Classic GI Joe vol 11 TP
Dark Horse Presents #1
Darkwing Duck #11
DC Comics Presents: Legion of Superheroes - Damned #1
DC Comics Presents: Ninja Boy #1
DC Universe Online Legends #6
Deadpool Max #7
Dr. Who Essential Companion Audio Set – S/O #6
Dr. Who: Fairy Tale Life #1 (OF 4)
Dr. Who Magazine #432
Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Sun #4 (OF 5)
Dungeons and Dragons #6
ELF #2 (OF 6)
Fables #104
Fear Itself: Sins Past #1
Generation Hope #6
GI Joe: A Real American Hero #165
Gotham City Sirens #22
Green Hornet #14 – Shortage Replacement
Green Hornet #15
Green Hornet Strikes #7 (OF 10)
Green Lantern #65
Green Lantern Corps #59
Hack/Slash #3
Halo: Fall of Reach - Covenant #1 (OF 4)
Hulk #32
Invincible Iron Man #503
Iron Man 2.0 #4
Jericho 3 #5 (OF 6)
JLA #56
Legion of Superheroes #12
Malignant Man #1 (OF 4)
Mickey Mouse #307
Mouse Guard vol 1 HC: Fall, 1152
Mouse Guard vol 2 HC: Winter, 1152
Oz, Wonderful Wizard of Oz GN – S/O #98
Ozma of Oz #5 (OF 8)
Power Girl #23
Red Hulk TP: Scorched Earth
Ryder on the Storm #3 (OF 3)
SHIELD HC: Architects of Forever
Sigil #2 (OF 4)
Silver Surfer #3 (OF 5)
Sixth Gun #11
Skaar, King of the Savage Land #2 (OF 5)
Spectacular Spider-man #1000
Spider-Man TP: New York Stories
Spider-Man TP: One Moment in Time
Spirit #13
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #7
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures vol 1 TP
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures vol 2 TP
Suicide Girls #1 (OF 4)
Supergirl #63
Superman/Batman #83
Teen Titans #94
Thor (J. Michael Straczynski) vol 1 TP
Thor Visionaries: Walt Simonson vol 1 TP
Thunderbolts #156
Time Bomb TP
Tiny Titans #39
Transformers: Heart of Darkness #2
Uncanny X-Force #8
Usagi Yojimbo #136 – Shortage Replacement
Victorian Secret: Ladies of Steampunk 1-Shot - S/O #40
Wolverine #8
Wolverine & Jubiliee #4 (OF 4)
X-Factor #218
Young Justice #3
Zatanna #12
Zombies 9: Ashes to Ashes

Dark Horse Presents #1 – The legendary, premiere anthology is back! The 80-page spectacular, Dark Horse Presents returns with all-new stories by Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, and Richard Corben; a new Concrete story by Paul Chadwick, a new Crimson Empire story from the Star Wars universe, and an exclusive sneak peek of Frank Miller's highly-anticipated prequel to 300, Xerxes! The celebration continues with a brand-new, all-color Finder story by Carla Speed McNeil, a prose piece from science fiction legend Harlan Ellison, the return of Michael T. Gilbert's Mr. Monster, and much, much more!

Fear Itself: Sins Past #1 – The Origin of Sin, daughter of the Red Skull - and some of the quirkiest Cap stories ever told! Captain America, regressed to a 98-pound weakling, vs. a teenage death cult and the Sisters of Sin! Battle Star and the Falcon, together against the Serpent Society! Featuring a special guest-appearance by the voluptuous Sersi! Classic stories fully remastered with modern coloring. Plus: an all-new framing sequence!

Halo: Fall of Reach - Covenant #1 (OF 4) – It is a question that man has long asked-are we alone in the universe? This spring, the United Nations Space Command learns the answer to that question ... and unfortunately, the answer is NO. Catch the beginning of the struggle between Man and Covenant in this epic series based on the novel by Eric Nylund.

Malignant Man #1 (OF 4) – Alan Gates, a cancer patient with a terminal diagnosis, is resigned to his fate, until he discovers that his tumor is actually a mysterious parasite! Granted a second lease on life and incredible, otherworldly powers, Alan must fight against an evil army buried beneath society's skin, all the while unlocking the secrets of his forgotten past. Dark, twisted, and unlike anything else on the stands, Malignant Man is a sci-fi thriller that can't be missed! Covers by Trevor Hairsine and Rael Lyra.

Spectacular Spider-man #1000 – Spider-Man and the Punisher take on the Russian mob! Vast amounts of drugs from overseas are flooding the streets, and the Punisher is ready to kill to stop the flow. But Spider-Man has a different approach -and when a Midtown High student gets caught up between the two crimefighters, it could mean life or death!

Suicide Girls #1 (OF 4) – Sexy, mysterious, and more than a little bit dangerous, the Suicide Girls are about to change what you think beautiful girls can do! This wild adventure pits the SG against a deranged killer and a crazed corporate cabal. Written by writer/actress Brea Grant (We Will Bury You) and drawn by David Hahn (Bite Club)-with covers by Eisner-winner Cameron Stewart (Seaguy)-there will be tattoos, piercings, and a whole lot of butt-kickin' girls and burlesque. This is not your mother's pretty-girl comic!

Time Bomb TP – When a hidden city is discovered beneath Berlin, Hitler's secret doomsday weapon - an Omega Bomb designed to wipe out the human race - is accidentally activated. Now, a team of specialists with state-of-the-art equipment and weaponry must travel back in time to stop the bomb from going off. However, they soon discover that they've been sent back, instead, back to the heart of Hitler's Germany.

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Wednesday's Comics!! (4-13-11)

Adventure Comics #525
All New Batman: Brave and the Bold #6
Amazing Spider-Man #658
Angel 100-Pg Spectacular
Ayn Rand Anthem GN
Batgirl #20
Batman and Robin #22
Batmania: Comics to Screen DVD – S/O #16
Birds of Prey #11
Black Panther: Man without Fear #517
Captain America: Fighting Avenger #1
Carbon Grey #2
Carnage #4 (OF 5)
Chaos War: Avengers TP
Cinderella: Fables are Forever #3 (OF 6)
Daken: Dark Wolverine #8
Dark Tower: Gunslinger – Little Sisters Eluria #5 (OF 6)
DC Comics Presents: Batman - Arkham #1
Deadpool #35
Deadpool Corps vol 1 TP: Pool-Pocalypse Now
Death of Zorro #2
Doc Savage #13
Donald Duck #365
Elephantmen: Cover Stories #1
Farscape #18
Five Fists of Science GN
Flash #10
Formic Wars: Burning Earth #4 (OF 7)
Fraggle Rock vol 2 #3 (OF 3)
GI Joe: Cobra Commander Tribute 100-pg Spectacular – S/O #3, #52
GI Joe vol 2 #0
Gotham City Sirens vol 1 TP: Union
Haunt #11 – Shortage Replacement
Hawkeye: Blind Spot #3 (OF 4)
Hellboy: Buster Oakley Gets his Wish
Incredible Hulks #626
Iron Man 2.0 #3
Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Full Moon #1
John Byrne’s Next Men #5
Journey into Mystery #622
Justice League: Generation Lost #23
JLA #55
Kevin Smith’s Kato #9
Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Prequel TP
New Avengers #11
Northlanders #39
Onslaught Unleashed #3 (OF 4)
Outsiders #38
Power Girl #22 – Shortage Replacement
Punisher Max #12
Red Robin #22
Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #9
Secret Invasion TP
Secret Warriors #26
SHIELD: Infinity
Sixth Gun vol 1 TP
Spike #7 (OF 8)
Spongebob Comics #2
Stan Lee: Starborn #5
Stand: No Man’s Land #3 (OF 5)
Star Wars: Remote Control Lightsaber Room Light
Stephen King’s N TP
Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Annual #1

Superheroes #13
Superboy #6
Superman #710
Thor: Whosoever Wields this Hammer #1
Transformers #18
Transformers: Rising Storm #3 (OF 4)
True Blood: Tainted Love #2
Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #3 (OF 6)
Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #157
Uncanny X-Force #7
Uncanny X-Men #535
Unwritten #24
Walking Dead: Survivor’s Guide #1 (OF 4)
Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #2
Wolverine: Best There Is - Contagion #1
Wonder Woman #609
X-Men Legacy #247

Captain America: Fighting Avenger #1 – Captain America's Day One! He's got the strength. He's got the training. But has he got what it takes? A ragtag Special Forces unit takes Captain America on his first mission of World War II. Their orders? Don't get him killed! But when the low-profile assignment draws the attention of Baron Strucker, the future Red Skull and half the Nazi army, it'll be a crash course in super heroics for Marvel's first Avenger!

Hellboy: Buster Oakley Gets his Wish – Sucked into a giant spacecraft full of mutated livestock, Hellboy must fight his way through giant robots, strange webbing, and evil aliens to get back to terra firma!

SHIELD: Infinity – Decode the miraculous designs of Leonardo Da Vinci. Devour the truths and reel with the lies of Isaac Newton. Puzzle at the perilous predictions of Nostradamus. Discover the Forever Machines of Nikola Tesla. Stemming from the pages of the most critically-acclaimed series of 2010, Jonathan Hickman (FANTASTIC FOUR, ULTIMATE THOR) and company bring you the apocrypha of the Marvel Universe. The foundations will shake, crumble and fall.

Stephen King’s N TP – There is something unearthly and mysterious deep in Ackerman's Field in rural Maine. There is a Stonehenge-like arrangement of seven stones with a horrifying EYE in the center. And whatever dwells there in that strange, windswept setting may have brought about the suicide of one man... and harbor death for the OCD afflicted 'N.', whose visits to the field have passed beyond compulsion into the realm of obsession. Based on the chilling short story from the recent Stephen King collection, JUST AFTER SUNSET, this adaptation will provide nightmares aplenty. Just keep counting the stones...keep counting...counting...

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Annual #1 – 'Escape from the Negative Zone!' Continued from the X-Men Annual! STEVE ROGERS! X-MEN! NAMOR! Steve Rogers goes on an interdimensional rescue mission after the X-Men find themselves imprisoned by Blastaar! But the Negative Zone alien isn't the biggest problem that the #1 Avenger and the X-Men are going to face. The most visually spectacular Marvel story in years is not to be missed!

Thor: Whosoever Wields this Hammer #1 – Thor, smiting threats to humanity throughout the world! In his earliest adventures as the God of Thunder. Thor faces such foes as the alien Stone-Men of Saturn, the evil dictator the Executioner and communist spies behind the Iron Curtain! And closer to home, can Dr. Donald Blake ever win the love of nurse Jane Foster?

Walking Dead: Survivor’s Guide #1 (OF 4) – Everything you've ever wanted to know about the cast of The Walking Dead. The Survivor's Guide is a handy checklist of all the characters who have appeared in the series thus far, alive or dead. This series is a can't-miss supplement to the hit comic book series that is now a hit TV series on AMC!

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Wednesday's Comics!! (4-6-11)

Aaron and Ahmed HC
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38
Annihilators #2 (OF 4)
Avengers: Children’s Crusade #5 (OF 9)
Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth #2 (OF 3)
Batman Beyond #4
Blue Estate #1
Boys #53
BPRD: Dead Remembered #1 (OF 3)
Brightest Day #23
Captain America: Hail Hydra #4 (OF 5)
Charismagic #1
Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers #5
DC Universe: Online Legends #5
Deadpool Family #1
Doom Patrol #21
Dr. Who Insider Magazine #1
Dungeons and Dragons #5
Fables vol 15 TP: Rose Red
Fallen Angel: Return of the Son #3 (OF 4)
Fear Itself #1 (OF 7)
Fear Itself: Home Front #1 (OF 7)

Fear Itself Spotlight
First Wave Special #1
Flashpoint #1
Freedom Fighters #8
Green Hornet #14
Green Hornet: Aftermath #1
Green Wake #1 (OF 5)
Haunt #14
Herc #1
Heroes for Hire #5
House of Mystery #36
Infestation #2 (OF 2)
Iron Siege #3 (OF 3)
Irredeemable #24
iZombie #12
Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Fool Moon #1
JLA 80-Page Giant 2011 #1
JSA All Stars #17
Jurassic Park: Devils in the Desert #4 (OF 4)
Justice League of America #55
Marvel Zombies: Supreme #3 (OF 5)
Namor, First Mutant #8
Nonplayer #1 (OF 6)
Orc Stain #6
Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead #3 (OF 5)
Outlaw Prince TP
Ozma of Oz #5 (OF 8)
Skaar, King of the Savage Land #1 (OF 5)
Solomon Kane: Red Shadows #1 (OF 4)
Spider-Man: Power Comes Responsibility #1 (OF 7)

Superman/Batman #82
Superman/Batman Annual #5
Thunderbolts: From Marvel Vault #1
Ultimate Comics: Captain America #4 (OF 4)
Uncanny X-Men #534.1
Uncle Scrooge #402
Usagi Yojimbo #136
Vertigo Resurrected: Hellblazer – Bad Blood #1
Weird Worlds #4 (OF 6)
Witchfinder: Gone and Lost Forever #3 (OF 5)
Wolverine: Best There Is #5
Wolverine/Hercules: Myths, Monsters, and Mutants #2 (OF 2)
Yo Gabba Gabba: Gabba Ball – S/O #151
Yo Gabba Gabba: Goodnight Gabbaland – S/O #151
Yo Gabba Gabba: Comic Book Time HC – S/O #151

Blue Estate #1 – A fast, funny 100% cool new series for readers of all stripes, Hollywood starlet Rachel Maddox plots with her A.A. Sponsor 'Johnny' to steal a big pile of dirty money from her shady action star husband, Bruce. What she doesn't know is that 'Johnny's' a hit man, Bruce wants her dead and her brother Billy just made a deadly deal with a psycho mobster called Tony Luciano!

Charismagic #1 – Everything you thought you knew about magic will... Vanish. Journey into a world where the lines between magic and reality are blurred... And where one man will soon find himself as the last remaining hope for all mankind. In Las Vegas, luck is everything. For Sin City's leading 'entertainer,' Hank the Magnificent, his luck as Vegas' most illustrious and famous magician is about to run out! When the powers of an ancient magic once imprisoned in another realm spring forth into our reality searching for revenge at all costs, Hank soon finds himself at the center of an undying war between the forces of truth and a devastating plague of growing evil-and his hopes for survival are slim at best! Creatures of magic and myth, wizards and sorcerers, druids, witches, and beasts of legend fill the pages of Aspen's all-new action-adventure series!

Fear Itself #1 (OF 7) – DO YOU FEAR...TOMORROW? In this time of global anxiety, of economic turmoil and mass hysteria, Sin, the new Red Skull, has made an awesome discovery...a shameful secret that will rock the foundations of the Marvel Universe! A revelation that will divide father and son, turn friend against friend, and herald the rise of Fear personified. HE IS RETURNING...and the world has nothing to fear but FEAR ITSELF.

Fear Itself: Home Front #1 (OF 7) – Terror has gripped the globe and now all the world is the front line for the next superhuman conflict! America blamed Speedball for the deaths of six hundred people in Stamford, Connecticut - the event that sparked the super hero Civil War. And while some have forgiven him, he hasn't forgiven himself. But a new crisis has arisen--fear is spreading throughout the populace. While doing charity work in disguise, Robbie Baldwin's true identity is exposed to the people of Stamford. With the world falling apart around him, can Speedball rally the population against the new danger--or will this survivor of an old war be the casualty of a new one? Marvel's super agent Jimmy Woo confronts his deepest fears in an all-new, all-action adventure! Join the fight as Marvel's top talents take you on a series of globe-spanning adventures that will test the mettle of hero, citizen and villain alike!

Flashpoint #1 – Not a dream, not an imaginary story, not an elseworld. This is Flash Fact: When Barry Allen wakes at his desk, he discovers the world has changed. Family is alive, loved ones are strangers, and close friends are different, gone or worse. It's a world on the brink of a cataclysmic war - but where are Earth's Greatest Heroes to stop it? It's a place where America's last hope is Cyborg, who hopes to gather the forces of The Outsider, The Secret 7, SHAZAM!, Citizen Cold and other new and familiar-yet-altered faces! It's a world that could be running out of time, if The Flash can't find the villain who altered the time line! Welcome to FLASHPOINT!

Green Wake #1 (OF 5) – Green Wake claims another mutilated victim and the disfigured body leaves little evidence behind. The secrets of this sleepy town begin to creep through the blood filled cracks when Morley Mack confronts one of its oldest residents. Is the key to stopping another macabre murder in the hands of an insane recluse?

Herc #1 – This explosive new ongoing series sets Marvel's baddest bone-breaker loose on a raging one-man beat down of the Marvel Universe's vicious criminal underground. And he wonít be relying on his fists alone! Armed with the keys to Ares' abandoned armory, Hercules is ready to unleash three thousand years worth of brawling experience upon his foes while preparing to confront the perils of FEAR ITSELF! It's Hercules like you've never seen him before as he sets out on an action-packed epic of monumental proportions that will keep fans on the edge of their seats and demanding more! Discover what happens when the Earth's most formidable warrior is forced to cut a swath of destruction through the very core of the Marvel Universe in the all-new, all ruthless Herc #1 & 2 double-shipping this April!

Solomon Kane: Red Shadows #1 (OF 4) – This first issue adapts Robert E. Howard's taut, disturbing "Skulls in the Stars" short story! Beginning his adventures in England, Kane finds himself engaged in a supernatural battle on the dreary moor road to Torkertown.

Spider-Man: Power Comes Responsibility #1 (OF 7) – Ultimate firsts! While Spider-Man struggles to save the world from such threats as Venom, the Scorpion and the Kingpin, Peter Parker can't get his love life together! For a guy with his nose in science books, he sure gets a lot of beautiful women! Just look at Mary Jane Watson, Kitty Pryde and Gwen Stacy! Which one will steal Peter's heart? Collecting the first appearance of Venom, the kickoff of the Clone Saga and the inaugural issue of a new era: ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #33, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #97 and ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #1.