Thursday, June 02, 2011

Wednesday's Comics!! (6-8-11)

15 Love #1 (OF 3)
Action Comics #900 – S/O #54
All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #8
Amazing Spider-Man/Ghost Rider: Motorstorm #1
American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1 (OF 5)

Angel #44 – Shortage Replacement
Annihilators #4 (OF 4)
Ant-Man and Wasp TP: Small World
Baltimore Plague Ships vol 1 HC
Batman and Robin #24
Batman: Arkham City #2 (OF 5)
Batwoman vol 1 TP: Elegy
Birds of Prey #13
Black Panther: Man without Fear #519
Booster Gold #45
Caligula #2 (OF 6)
Campaign Overlay: Pathfinder – Fantasy Firearms
DC Comics 75th Anniversary 7-pc Magnet Set – S/O #16
DC Cover Art Print: All Star Batman and Robin – S/O #16
Deadpool #38
Detective Comics #877
Doc Savage #15
Dr. Who: Fairy Tale Life #3 (OF 4)
Farscape #20
Fear Itself: Deadpool #1 (OF 3)
Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #1 (OF 4)
Fear Itself: Spider-Man #2 (OF 3)
Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #1 (OF 3)
Flashpoint: Deathstroke, Curse of the Ravager #1 (OF 3)
Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #1 (OF 3)
Flashpoint: Frankenstein, Creatures of the Unknown #1 (OF 3)
Fly #1
Formic Wars: Burning Earth #6 (OF 7)
Generation Hope TP: Future’s a 4-Letter Word
GFT: Myths and Legends #5
Ghost Rider #0 Point One
GI Joe: Real American Hero #167
Green Arrow #11
Green Hornet: Aftermath #3 (OF 4)
Green Lantern Corps #60
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10
Green Lantern Movie Prequel: Kilowog #1
Green Lantern Movie Prequel: Tomar Re #1
Green Wake #3 (OF 5)
Hulk Sized Mini-Hulks #1
Incredible Hulks #630
Iron Age Alpha #1
Jericho Season 3 #6 (OF 6)
Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Fool Moon #2
Journey into Mystery #624
Ka-Zar #1 (OF 5)
Knights of the Dinner Table #174
Mighty Samson #3 – Shortage Replacement
Mighty Thor #2 - Shortage Replacement
Morning Glories #10
Mystery Men #1 (OF 5)
Namor: First Mutant #10 – Shortage Replacement
New Avengers #13
Osborn TP: Evil Incarcerated
Red Robin #24
Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #2
Rocketeer Adventures #1 (OF 4)
Samurai’s Blood #1 (OF 6)

Savage Dragon #171
Soulfire vol 3 #1
Space Warped #1 (OF 2)
Spongebob Comics #3
Stand: No Man’s Land #5 (OF 5)
Star Wars: Old Republic #1 (OF 5)
Strange Adventures #1
Superman: Secret Origin Deluxe HC
Supreme Power #1 (OF 4)
Terry Moore’s Echo #30
Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #159
Uncanny X-Men #537
Unwritten #26
Walking Dead HC vol 1
Walking Dead HC vol 2
Warlord of Mars #7
Watchmen Movie: Nightowl Bust – S/O #16
Watchmen Movie: Ozymandias Bust – S/O #16
Watchmen Movie: Silk Spectre Bust – S/O #16
Wolverine #10
X-Men Legacy #250
X-Men: To Serve and Protect TP

15 Love #1 (OF 3) – Marvel is trying out something new, comics that are not superhero based that target fans of different types of stories. In this case, it's a story about a young girl who plays tennis. Here's hoping they know how to tell this type of story!

Amazing Spider-Man/Ghost Rider: Motorstorm #1 – The Spider and the Spirit of Vengeance! the entire death-defying team-up of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider from the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #658-660.

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1 (OF 5) – From the pages of the red-hot Vertigo series comes a five-issue spinoff miniseries! It's World War II in Nazi-occupied Romania as vampire hunters Felicia Book and Cash McCogan (last seen in the critically acclaimed AMERICAN VAMPIRE story 'Devil in the Sand') go behind enemy lines with the secret organization known as the Vassals of the Morningstar in search of a rumored vampire cure. But their haunted, twisted past with Skinner Sweet makes the mission more difficult than they imagined. Superstar artist Sean Murphy (JOE THE BARBARIAN) joins Scott Snyder to tell a story of horror and history, expanding the American Vampire mythology in a way that changes this story forever.

Fly #1 - What if there was a drug that gave you the power to fly? How far would you go to possess it and who would you hurt to get your next fix? This is the story of Eddie Patron. Eddie was trying to live a normal life. A rundown broken life but a normal life nonetheless. But Eddie has a secret and that secret is coming back to haunt him and his life will never be the same again.

Ghost Rider #0 Point One – Ghost Rider is back…with a vengeance! Big changes are afoot for the Biker you do not want to meet in a dark alley, and they start here.

Iron Age Alpha #1 – The one true Dark Phoenix returns to the Marvel U with a vengeance! As the earth is destroyed, Iron Man is swept into the time-stream where the only chance for survival is to gather the greatest heroes from across the eras and change the course of history! The Avengers, Fantastic Four, the X-Men and more will join Iron Man for this trip through all the ages of Marvel! Rising stars Rob Williams (DARK WOLVERINE) and Rebekah Issacs (MS. MARVEL) team up for the century-spanning epic that takes you through the Marvel Universe's greatest moments...and maybe to its last.

Ka-Zar #1 (OF 5) – The blight of the Burning Season sweeps across the Savage Land, threatening to destroy everything Ka-Zar holds dear--and heralding the re-emergence of the mysterious Ether Tribe. Trapped between forces from within and outside the Savage Land, can Ka-Zar save his kingdom before it's too late?

Mystery Men #1 (OF 5) – Everything about this book is a mystery, including half the title! Marvel is keeping this one under wraps, so give it a look see. You want to know what the heck this is as much as the next guy, don’t you?!

Rocketeer Adventures #1 (OF 4) – The Rocketeer Flies Again! Dave Stevens unveiled the Rocketeer nearly 30 years ago to instant acclaim, and in all the years since that auspicious debut, respect for Dave's talent and his greatest creation have only continued to grow. Last year, IDW had the honor of releasing the complete Rocketeer saga in several editions, showcasing the work of this great artist as it was always meant to be seen-completely remastered, with nearly every page scanned directly from the originals and recolored by Dave's hand-picked colorist. Today we are able to celebrate Dave's talent once again, with an all-new Rocketeer anthology miniseries written and drawn by some of the finest creators in comics, and with the full cooperation of the Stevens family.

Samurai’s Blood #1 (OF 6) – In an era when lineage defined you, three teenagers must make their way through the world hiding their identities in order to find their destinies. As their village burns behind them, they are headed for a city they'd heard about only in stories. The three young samurai must now struggle to stay alive and take vengeance on the evil usurper who has destroyed the rest of their clan and the only world they'd ever known. Will they rise on the tides of vengeance, or they will they fall on the swords of fate?

Space Warped #1 (OF 2) – Far away, in a land long ago, there was an orphaned farm kid with daddy issues trying to rescue an orphaned princess unaware of her own daddy issues! In the tradition of Robot Chicken: Star Wars and Spaceballs comes a loving, affectionate parody of the greatest science fiction franchise of all time! The first of a two-issue mini-series, this is a fan-pleasing romp that skewers one of the greatest adventure stories ever told!

Supreme Power #1 (OF 4) – The groundbreaking, controversial Supreme Power is back! A new era begins for the deadliest super heroes of all time - the man known as Hyperion has disappeared, hiding from the government and finally living the life he always wanted. Dr. Spectrum has taken his place as America's greatest heroÖand the US Military's greatest asset. But when the balance of super-power threatens the world, and Dr. Spectrum becomes a deadly liability, Hyperion's solitude may be short-lived. Will these two former allies find themselves at the center of a conflict that could engulf the planet?

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