Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spiderman: Hooky

In 1986, Marvel hired Berni Wrightson, the master of horror best known for Swamp Thing and House of Mystery, to illustrate a Spiderman story written by Susan K. Putney. That story, unavailable for years, was finally reprinted this month.

Spiderman: Hooky sees everybody's favorite web-slinger drawn into the mystical dimension of Cloudsea. There, Spidey must help a young sorceress defeat a monster who only gets stronger overtime its killed.

Generally, I liked my Spiderman stories to stick close to the streets. While other superheroes defend the galaxy, get trapped in time, or battle evil versions of their half-brother from an alternate reality, Spiderman is at his best swinging through Brooklyn and chasing down bank robbers. Hooky takes Spidey a long way from his New York stomping grounds, but the world of Cloudsea allows Wrightson to go wild airy sky-scapes and gruesomely detailed beasties. This is a great book by a master of the comic arts, and I'm glad it's come back in print.

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