Thursday, October 25, 2012

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Pumpkins getting carved into Jack o' Lanterns.

Toilet paper being purchased in suspicious amounts by teenagers.

Highly flammable costumes on sale by the dozen.

That's right folks, it's almost Halloween, and we here at Haven are celebrating in a big way!  As part of our Halloween ComicFest 2012 we will be offering a spooktacular 20% off select horror-themed board games during the week of Oct. 28th to Nov 2nd.  In preparation for these horrifyingly good deals, I though I would bring you a quick review of one of my personal favorites.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Players:  3 to 6
Ages 12+

BoardGameGeek Review can be found here.

Here is the single, solitary fact you need to know about this game:  it is fun.  That's it!  It is a game, and the game is fun.  Go play the game and have fun!

You want to know more?  Fine.

Betrayal on House on the Hill is a game of creeping horror wherein you and your fellow players must explore a mansion that quickly reveals itself as a macabre maze.  The "board" for this game is a series of tiles, laid out turn-by-turn to build the mansion, giving it a new shape each time you play.  Each player takes the role of one six characters that will stumble into the eldritch items and mysterious events that litter the mansion.  Eventually an event will occur (through drawing item, event, and omen cards) that will lead one character to betray the rest.  From that point on players must either work together or outwit one another to ensure their own survival and meet the win conditions laid out by the game.

One of the best parts of this game is building the mansion as the game goes along.  It adds a ton of replay value to the game, and can be a crucial part of the end game when you have to reach a specific room to win.  The item, event, and omen cards provide great atmosphere for the game and I have had more than one session where people have desperately clutch at their little pile of cards, trying to figure out how to use them for their own survival.

The twist of a player betraying the rest is an interesting mechanic.  There are several different scenarios that can play out and forces players to interact with the mansion they've built over the course of the game.  One game might find you carrying a corpse into the chapel while the next sends you climbing over your allies to reach the front door before a wraith touches you and drains the life from your body.     

Obviously, I enjoy this game.  If you have been eying your own copy please come by Haven during our Halloween ComicFest 2012 (Oct 28th-Nov 2nd) and pick it up at 20% off! 

Please make a ghost noise to end this post.  Thank you. 

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