Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Friendly Games: Perfect for the Holidays

Look, everybody knows mom liked you best. But it's still not polite to point it out over the Thanksgiving turkey. And yes, your cousin took your car that time and swore he only drove to work and church, but when you got it back, you found those muddy hoof-prints and a receipt for that Mexican pharmacy. But hey, don't bring it up while trimming the tree, okay? This could be memaw's last Christmas, you know.

But what's a better way to handle with all that simmering conflict? By obliterating your family in a game of Munchkin, of course!

We've got a selection of games that are a breeze to learn and a blast for all ages. Munchkin, Abandon Ship, Crazy Creatures of Dr. Doom: some of these games are so fun, even happy families would want to play them! (Maybe, we wouldn't really know.)

So this holiday season, don't just tell your family mom liked you best, remind them why--because you absolutely dominate in Ticket to Ride!

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