Monday, December 03, 2012

Pony-pocalypse part 1: the pre-pony-pocalypsing

Our My Little Pony #1 launch party had us pretty stressed. I've mentioned before this was the first ever signing ever at Haven, and it's for a local artist we all love and want to see do well. Oh yeah, it also happens to be for one of the biggest comics of the year. We've spent so much time sweating the details that some Havenites started calling it Pony-pocalypse.

So I'm happy to report our launch party was a huge success! Even bigger than we'd hoped. Andy Price (along with his wife Alice) came out and signed books for hours. Plenty of regulars and a ton of new faces came out to support this hometown artist. And if you missed it, we're having Andy come back December 15th for our full-fledged pony party!

In the meantime, you can read this review of My Little Pony #1 from Comics Alliance: Price's art is beautifully expressive and full of personality. Everything looks detailed and fully realized without being so busy that it's hard to follow, with a ton of amazing background gags that include ponies based on the Blues Brothers and Donald Sutherland.

Andy Price. The lady in the Derpy shirt is his lovely wife, Alice. Some pony sketches Andy drew during slow moments. Andy signing books for fans young and old.

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