Monday, April 01, 2013

Haven's Birthday! 20% Off Trades and Games on 4/3/2013

No joke about it, this week Haven Comics is turning 12 years old!

They grow up so fast!

How do you throw a birthday party for a store?  You can't buy it presents because it is already filled with comics, games, and action figures.  You can bake it a cake, but it won't blow out the candles (unless you hold the cake up to an a/c vent).  It is hard to make up party games like "Let's Dust the Floorboards" or "What's In That Long Box?" and comic book stores can't fit inside bouncy castles.

So, instead of trying to find a party hat big enough to fit on the front door, we're going to celebrate with all of our awesome customers!

Come join us on Wednesday, April 3rd to celebrate 12 years of supplying the comic fans of North Huntsville and beyond with all their comic-related needs.  Pick up the comics in your box, grab a cupcake, and receive your complimentary Birthday High-Five*.  On top of that, take 20% off all trades and games to celebrate Haven Comics' big day. 

*Birthday High-Fives available while supplies last.

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