Thursday, April 18, 2013

Superman turns 75

Today is the seventy-fifth anniversary of the publication of Action Comics #1. That issue marked the debut of Superman and the superhero genre.

To put seventy-five years in perspective, after Superman made it big in comics, he soon got his own radio serial. (Which you can listen to for free here.) Since then, Superman has been on TV shows, newspaper comic strips, original novels, movies, and video games. There really isn't any part of American popular culture that he hasn't been part of.

And for anybody who snorts at all this and thinks Superman is outdated and overly idealistic--who calls him a big, blue boyscout--I dare you to listen to John Williams'  opening theme for Superman: The Movie and not feel a little tug on your heart-strings.

Happy birthday, Superman. Long live truth, justice, and the American way.

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Dan said...

I have included your store on my list of Alabama Comic Book Stores.