Sunday, May 05, 2013

Free Comic Book Day 2013

Another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone, and this one was a rousing success. We gave out a lot of comics and had a blast doing it. A big thanks to everybody who braved the rain to come celebrate with us!

Since so many new people come into Haven on FCBD, I decided to get all the employees name tags. Then we all went to see Iron Man 3 the night before. *Sigh.* That was $1.49 wasted.

Huntress and The Question (AKA Brad and Jen of The Geek Forge) were six distinct kinds of awesome.

Customers browsing the free comics.

The Biggses made little cakes in the shapes of superheroes. I ate Spider-Man. He has been my hero since I was eleven years old. This act of idolphagy probably had some deep Junigian significance. Also, it was yummy.

Kalisa baked a cake. It was also yummy. It was so yummy, it could even make Batman smile.


Batman is beloved Havenite, Justin. Huntress and The Question are still Brad and Jen from The Geek Forge. (Did I mention they have an etsy shop? Because they do.)
We invited some ponies to FCBD. Applejack showed up with her pneumatic apple cannon. The ponies spent about an hour standing in the rain, firing chunks of apple into an empty parking lot. Ponies know how to party.
Here's Dan ringing up some customers. We like to call him "Dan the Man" or "Dan-tastic Voyage." Oh, I just thought of another one! Lord of the Dan-ce! Or maybe Dan-cing with the Stars? I'll work on it.

Panda takes some tips from Elmo on how to be more adorable.

Josh explains how he likes a nice, round badokadonk to a sympathetic customer.

Me: So where'd you get that tattoo?
Her: Oh, my band was touring and this one venue paid us in tattoos.
Me: That is the best tattoo story ever! Also, the best music tour story ever!

Lil' crimefighter.

Helping the world's greatest detective spot six differences between the two pictures.

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