Friday, September 06, 2013

Dragon Con 2013 Round Up

At this time last weekend you would have found me among the thronging herds of geeks that take over Atlanta, GA for the annual Bacchanalia that is Dragon Con. Were you there? Did you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow Whovians, Browncoats, and whatever you call people who like X-Files? Perhaps you didn't make it and had to watch all the twitter feeds of attendees as they posted endless streams of costumes and celebrity panels.

Maybe you were in Atlanta, but you went to the sportsball game instead. I don't judge! If you were, I hope you had fun and your team scored all the points. We're all geeks in one way or another, whether your obsession is passing yardage or building proton packs.

So what was there to be found this year at Dragon Con?
Photo shoots where it is the photographers that can't blink.

Local hero Andy Price, illustrator of the hit My Little Pony comics. Here he is shown posing with a few of his fashionable fans on Friday. It was impossible to take pictures any day after that as his booth was swamped with adoring pony fans.

 These beautiful ladies represent the different realms of Westeros from Game of Thrones. Each dress was detailed to reflect the different lands and each bore the motto of the noble house that claimed the territory.

There was a parade featuring superheroes, villains, Avatar the Last Airbender characters (shown), steampunk, Mad Max vehicles, Ghost Busters, marching bands, and more Storm Troopers than you could shake a Wookie at.

Overall, it was a massive celebration of everything nerdy. I can't even begin to list the highlights because the experience is so unique for each attendee. There's room for gamers both board and figurine based, plenty of celebrities to get autographs from, concerts and live performances, and just good old fashioned people watching. Share your Dragon Con experience with us in the comments!

As for me? Well, I managed to find something that caught my eye...

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