Sunday, November 24, 2013

Andy Price signing

This past Saturday, we had a huge crowd for our Andy Price signing. Besides having a ton of fun, we collected a box-full of toys for Toys for Tots! A big thanks to everybody who everybody who came out, and especially everybody who gave to Toys for Tots.

Some of the decorations we set up for the signing

Andy makes a scary face.

The line moved pretty slowly at times, but people seemed to enjoy talking and hanging out with other pony-fans.

Some of the prizes for the Toys for Tots raffle

Pinkies Pie

Haven Comics: Alabama's most dog-friendly comic shop


Super-cute pony fans


Andy doing his thing

A cake celebrating 1,000,000 copies of My Little Pony sold in its first year

The lovely Alice Price pulling winners for the raffle

Some of the lucky prize winners

All the toys we collected for Toys for Tots. It was a great haul!

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