Sunday, March 30, 2014

Haven's Birthday this Wednesday!

Join us as we celebrate Haven's 13th birthday! 

There will be cake!

There will be comics!

There will be... adventure and excitement? For someone out there, I'm sure. 

If Haven Comics were  a comic book instead of a comic book store, we'd have so many issues and trades by now that there would be a Haven Omnibus collection. People would argue whether original Haven or modern Haven is the best. There would be at least three artist changes and an awkward period in the nineties that no one wants to remember. There would be Haven Comics action figures, a Haven Comics cartoon, and a movie that would have probably sucked but the diehard fans would enjoy anyways.

Feel free to stop on by and say hello to friends old and new. The community that surrounds Haven Comics is what makes it the best little comic book store in Alabama and we are proud to be a nexus of comic geeks, gaming nerds, and all their patient spouses and family members that wait in the car while they browse. It has been a wonderful 13 years so far and we're looking forward to many, many more.

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