Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hot new comic boards in!

As everybody knows, comic book collecting is on the wane. The market never fully recovered from the speculator bubble bursting in the late 90s, and every year, those lovingly preserved copies of Death of Superman in your Uncle Eugine's closet are worth less and less.

But that just leaves more room for the hot new collectibles market: comic book backing boards! Haven just acquired a gorgeous collection of some rare and highly collectable boards. Check 'em out!

A Fleer UltraStiff from 1983. As you can see, it's in Very Fine condition, with some light blunting on the corners. I've been collecting comic book boards for 20 years, and I've never seen an '83 UltraStiff with a grade this high!

A BCW 1996, special limited edition, Fine+. Instead of the usual eggshell white, BCW released this variant in ivory white! Only 80,000 of these were ever printed!

A 1991 DiamondPro CardBro, Near Mint. Can you believe somebody found this beautiful board stuck behind a copy of Detective Comics #27? Thank God they didn't trhow it out!

We've got a lot more collectible comic book board, plus new comic book boards every week! Stop by and get started in this exciting hobby! And remember, it's not a speculation bubble, it's a speculation balloon, almost certain to expand forever and ever without ever bursting!

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